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Code-Free Bioinformatics Pipeline for building Biological Databases used to construct Cardiovascular-SNPDB:  a database for SNPs Associated with Cardiovascular metabolites
  • Mohammad Tarek
Mohammad Tarek
Bioinformatics Department, Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM), Cairo, Egypt.

Corresponding Author:mohammadtareq459@gmail.com

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Biological databases are of great importance for managing biological research data. building databases has been a code-based process that requires integrative coding skills of different languages. Herein, we present a code-free pipeline that helps biologists to build their databases with no need for coding skills providing searchable downloadable and editable databases using Google Apps. we provided an example for an online tool including a database of SNPs associated with cardiovascular Metabolites, allowing basic features like browsing, downloading,  filtering and printing. we also described a stepwise pipeline for building such an   interactive database. Cardiovascular-SNPDB was made available at : https://sites.google.com/view/cvdsnpdb/browse/