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Formatting. In addition to simple text you can also add text formatted in boldface, italic, code , strike out, etc. And yes, math too: \(E = mc^{2}\) or, \[\eta = \frac{\pi^{1/2}m_e^{1/2}}{\gamma_E 8 (2k_BT)^{3/2}} \delta(t) \xrightarrow{\mathscr{F}} 1\] There’s a lot you can achieve with LaTeX and Markdown.

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Bibliography. Do you want to cite a paper? Say, this one (CMS/CERN 2012) or this one (Holstein 2009)? No need to leave the comfort of your editor. Click on the Insert Figure (plus) button in the toolbar and search articles by title, author, keyword, or DOI. Ready to submit your article? Click the Attach button at the top of the page and we’ll format it nicely for you.

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