Gender in Astronomy Talks


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we have conducted the second informal study of a AAS meeting, tracking gender participation between speakers and question askers.

Brief highlights of our results...

need to outline paper and invite colleagues


some background on the state of the field, gender studies in academia

pointing to our study, a unique look at behavior/participation in conferences as a function of gender

(Davenport 2014)

(Pritchard 2014)

Our Study

we posted a simple web-form (screenshot?) that asked following questions ...

we sent form around via social media and word of mouth

collected X number of responses, from Y unique talks in Z sessions.

Comparison to Previous Results

compare/contrast the AAS 223 study and the NAM study. give short history of the NAM study having replicated our methods, etc. What are the general takeaways so far?


  1. J. R. A. Davenport, M. Fouesneau, E. Grand, A. Hagen, K. Poppenhaeger, L. L. Watkins. Studying Gender in Conference Talks – data from the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society. ArXiv e-prints (2014).

  2. J. Pritchard, K. Masters, J. Allen, F. Contenta, L. Huckvale, S. Wilkins, A. Zocchi. Asking gender questions. Astronomy & Geophysics 55, 6.8–6.12 Oxford University Press (OUP), 2014. Link

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