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TYC 8241 2652 1 and the case of the disappearing disk: no smoking gun yet $\star$$\star$footnotetext: Based on observations made with ESO telescopes at the Paranal Observatory (ESO program IDs 090.C-0697(A), 090.C-0904(A), and 095.C-0438(A)) and on observations obtained with XMM-Newton, an ESA science mission with instruments and contributions directly funded by ESA Member States and NASA.
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  • Hans Moritz Günther,
  • Stefan Kraus,
  • Carl Melis,
  • Michel Curé,
  • Tim Harries,
  • Samer Kanaan,
  • Michael Ireland,
  • Katja Poppenhaeger,
  • Aaron Rizzuto,
  • David Rodriguez,
  • Christian,
  • Michael Sitko,
  • Gerd Weigelt,
  • Matthew Willson,
  • Scott Wolk
Hans Moritz Günther

Corresponding Author:hgunther@mit.edu

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Stefan Kraus
University of Exeter
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Carl Melis
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Michel Curé
Universidad de Valparaíso
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Tim Harries
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Samer Kanaan
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Michael Ireland
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Katja Poppenhaeger
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Aaron Rizzuto
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David Rodriguez
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Michael Sitko
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Gerd Weigelt
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Matthew Willson
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Scott Wolk
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA)
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