Apache Taverna Language: Semantic and flexible workflow definitions


Authors: Stian Soiland-Reyes 1,2, David Withers, Alan R Williams1,2, Donal Fellows1,2, Matthew Gamble2, Carole Goble2

1 Apache Software Foundation; 2 University of Manchester

This article describes the workflow language of Apache Taverna (Wolstencroft 2013), in particular focusing on its workflow language SCUFL2 and the abstract semantic workflow model wfdesc.

The SCUFL2 API (Withers; 2014) allows construction and inspection of Taverna 3 workflows from independent applications, but also enables translation from/to different abstract and concrete third-party workflow formats (SHIWA IWIR, MG-RAST AWE) and the Common Workflow Language

This includes the general semantic model wfdesc which we have created within the Wf4Ever project (Hettne 2014) for the purpose of workflow preservation and annotation. wfdesc is easily combined with W3C PROV-based workflow provenance, and is also used by the digital preservation project SCAPE to find and compose semantically described Workflow Components from the myExperiment workflow repository.