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    Section one - crazy stuff

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    Figure \ref{fig1} shows awesome researchers at work. (Budetta 1998) writes an article.


    Does this thing do many LaTeX commands?

    \label{fig1} awesome figure...

    lrrrrrrl Reconstruction &
    (lr)1-1 (lr)2-2 (lr)3-7 & Europe & Central & North & East & WestMed & EastMed
    Temperature: &&&&&&

    (Budetta 1998) &-0.26&-0.32&&-0.13&-0.19&

    (citation not found: Buntgen:2011cd) &-0.23&-0.16&&-0.21&&-0.11

    (citation not found: Lindholm:2009vx) &-0.12&&-0.31&&

    (citation not found: Buntgen:2013jc) &&&&-0.12&

    (citation not found: Melvin:2013tp) &-0.15&&-0.39&-0.15&

    (citation not found: Gunnarson:eq) &-0.21&&-0.48&-0.30&

    (citation not found: Chuine:2004uo) &-0.35&-0.45&&-0.33&-0.16

    (citation not found: Meier:2007kv) &-0.32&-0.41&&-0.29&-0.13&-0.13

    (citation not found: Glaser:2009cv) &-0.33&-0.35&-0.18&-0.38&-0.12

    (citation not found: Kiss:ef) &-0.28&&&-0.38&&-0.18

    (citation not found: Dobrovolny:kla) &-0.41&-0.45&&-0.37&-0.24&-0.12

    (citation not found: Trachsel:2012vh) &-0.40&-0.38&&-0.32&-0.23&-0.17

    (citation not found: Ahmed:2013td) &-0.45&-0.32&-0.38&-0.41&-0.18&

    (citation not found: Esper:2014va) &-0.19&&-0.49&-0.17&&
    Precipitation: &&&&&&

    (citation not found: Buntgen:2011wv) &&0.17&&&

    (citation not found: Wilson:2005vp) &0.23&0.32&&0.20&0.11&

    (citation not found: Cooper:cq) &&0.14&&&

    (citation not found: Pauling:fya) &0.30&0.42&&0.25&0.21&

    (citation not found: Touchan:ck) &&&&-0.19&0.11&0.22
    Summer NAO: &&&&&&

    (citation not found: Folland:2009vo) &-0.25&-0.41&-0.21&-0.26&&0.18
    Sunshine: &&&&&&

    (citation not found: Gagen:2011wd) &&&&-0.13&