B.Sc (Hons) in Agriculture

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I'm a Senior Manager in Agri-business. Professionally I'm an Agronomist and Consultant for Agrochemicals Marketing (both local and international marketing). As I worked 3 years in a Singaporean Agro-Chemical Company based at Dhaka remotely, I gained enough knowledge on various software use like Team Viewer, Skype,, salesforce, CRM, google spreadsheets etc, administrative works, email creation, template, mass email, and reporting. My strongest skills sets are Research and Marketing, Managing a Team, working in different Online Stores like Amazon, Ebay and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Hootsuite etc I’m capable enough to draft, prepare emails using template and conduct campaigns independently, so I’ve good familiarity with office software like MS Word, MS Excel, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, basic HTML, CSS and WordPress, SEO, E-mail, Google Drive, Google Spreadsheet, DropBox, Web Research and Mass E-Mail Marketing Campaign etc. As a Marketing Manager, I worked with Graham Green for Pineview College, Canberra, Australia for more than one and half year. I also worked with an Australian Client as Marketing Consultant to promote Baby Feeding items all over Australia and used the best social media for marketing. My aim is to uphold the client’s satisfaction and the vision of the company or business not only to meet needs for the time being but focus also on to a sustainable business growth.

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