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Energy efficiency of Cultural Heritage: Guidelines and new practices of retrofit interventions in Mediterranean climate
  • alessia.buda,
  • valeria.pracchi,
  • Claudio Del Pero
Dipartimento ABC. Politecnico di Milano

Corresponding Author:alessia.buda@polimi.it

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Author Profile
Claudio Del Pero
Politecnico di Milano
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The proposed study aims to review existing criteria and assessment methods, to define a multi-objectives procedure, useful for all stakeholders for improving the energy performance of historic buildings, focusing on Mediterranean area.
This paper intends to show the analysis and results obtained by the research project, focusing on the first year and a half of its development.
First, a state-of-art on retrofit assessment methodologies and guidance tools is presented. Second, a critical investigation of existing assessment procedures is done; in particular, gaps and potentialities of the Energy Performance of Historic Buildings Guidelines - EN 16883 and Italian Cultural Heritage Ministry’ Guidelines are analyzed, through their application on several cases. Then, the new methodology draft is presented, starting to discuss data collection and categorization of a significant sample of buildings in Mediterranean area. Finally, next steps are prospected with an update of the work plan.
Historic building; Energy efficiency; Guideline;, Mediterranean climate; whole building procedure; tailored intervention.