African exchange students in China - under the shadow of colonialism?

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I report the findings of an ethnographic (or whatever you call it) study African students under exchange programs in XXX universities in southeastern China (say the provinces if you like).

African students widely reported that they were not given opportunities to showcase their culture or tell their stories to their Chinese counterparts. And the Chinese university hosts appeared to show little interest in learning about the African students.

I argue that the views of the Chinese hosts and the experiences of the African students in China are a manifestation of postcolonial ideological stagnation (carryover)*. This is akin to the experiences of international students in developed western countries [XXX Just think about the lack of interests in learning about the Chinese international students in the US in general]. As China is integrating with the rest of the world at an unprecedented rate, her official educational ideology and administration and her approach towards other developing countries have become increasingly postcolonial and western-like (this might be too far-stretched to say based on a single study, but I think this is pretty much the trend).

*Ha, I came out this phrase myself (nee to be bold enough to coin new terms). I think it's going to rock. Akin to冷战思维, meaning that after worldwide collapse of the colonial system, a colonial narrative of Africa is still very much alive.


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