Data Check into Climate Change - A Brief View

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Dr. Federica Bianco

Instructor for Principles of Urban Informatics (PUI).
New York University - Center for Urban Science and Progress.
This research article is a part of the PUI Course Structure - Fall' 2016.
The paper presented here is a starting point for the research, which going further, will be stated in a separate article.


It's the new world with unimaginable capabilities - Data and what can be accomplished with it. Using data to see something, that most often, goes unnoticed is the norm in today's data driven age. In this context, lies the most controversial topic of the century - "Global Warming and Climate Change"[1].
This is not a problem that can be solved by an overnight change in lifestyle, neither is it a problem that just crept into our daily lives - but a problem that has existed for years. This paper is more of an insight into the recent and close-future dangers that lurk around the corner when concerning natural life as a whole in this regard.

Problem Description

"At the present rate of CO2 emissions, how likely is it that the environment will reach its toxicity limit of CO2 in the next 50 years?"
This question will be answered by calculating the probability (a confidence interval of (95%) and a p-value of (5%)), for CO2 emissions reaching the toxicity limit assuming emissions follow the predicted path (present rate).