Curriculum Vitae


Fossils, Phylogeny and Macroevolution group office: +44 01225385437
Department of Biology and Biochemistry e-mail:
University of Bath, Avon, United Kingdom Blog: Twitter: @rmounce


My thesis is on the use and impact of fossils in phylogenetic analyses, particularly with regard to homoplasy and character congruence but also compatibility. The comparative usage of tree-to-tree distance measures is also an ongoing theme. Finally, I also take great interest in data sharing, data re-use and synthesis in modern academic research.


University of Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
Doctor of Philosophy in Biology October 2009 – present

Expected graduation date: September 2013

Advisors: Dr Matthew A. Wills and Dr Ronald Jenner

The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
MSc (Hons) in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity 2008 – 2009
Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
BSc (Hons) in Biology 2005 – 2008

Honours and

Panton Fellowship, Open Knowledge Foundation 2012 – 2013
Ede and Ravenscroft Prize finalist, University of Bath 2012
Kurt M. Pickett Award, Hennig XXXI meeting 2012
Santander Research Grant Award, Hennig XXX meeting 2011
Marie Stopes Travel Award, Hennig XXX meeting 2011
Uni. of Bath Postgraduate Research Travel Award, Soc. Vert. Pal. 71 meeting 2011
Systematics Association Travel Bursary, 8th Systematics Association Biennial meeting 2011
Marie Stopes Travel Award, Hennig XXIX meeting 2010
Uni. of Bath Postgraduate Research Travel Award, Hennig XXIX meeting 2010


Mounce R., and Wills, M. (in review) The Congruence of Cranial and Postcranial Characters in Vertebrate Phylogeny Systematic Biology

Mounce R. & Janies, D. (in press) Synergistic Sharing of Data and Tools to Enable Team Science. In: J. Zander & P.J. Mosterman Computation for Humanity - Information Technology to Advance Society

Mounce R. 2012. Academia, the Internet, and Creative Commons Palaeontology Online Vol. 2

Stoltzfus A., O’Meara B., Whitacre J., Mounce R., Gillespie E., Kumar S., Rosauer D. & Vos R. 2012. Sharing and Re-use of Phylogenetic Trees to Facilitate Synthesis BMC Research Notes

Mounce R. 2012. Twitter for Academics. The Systematist Vol. 34

Mounce R. & Wills, M. 2011. Phylogenetic Position of Diania Challenged Nature Vol. 476

Mounce R., Butler A., Davis K., Dunhill A., Garwood R., Lamsdell J., Legg D., Lloyd G., Pittman M., Warnock R. & Wolfe J. 2011. An Open Letter in Support of Palaeontological Digital Data Archiving
featured in Callaway E. 2011. Fossil Data Enter The Web Period Nature Vol. 450


Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 72nd Annual Meeting (Raleigh) Oct. 19th 2012
Examining character congruence and compatibility of vertebrate cladistic data
| part of the Phylogenetic & Comparative Paleobiology symposium
NESCent seminar (Durham) Oct. 18th 2012
Mining phyloinformatic data from the published literature
International Council for Science (ICSU) workshop (Chicheley Hall) Sep. 3rd 2012
BOAI-compliant open access/data licensing matters: content mining
British Ecological Society Annual Meeting (Sheffield) Sep. 13th 2011
On the Importance of Open Science and Open Data
The 6th Annual Open Knowledge Conference (Berlin) Jul. 1st 2011
Open Palaeontology: putting data on the web for all to see and use

Other Talks
& Posters

The 1st Open Knowledge Festival (Helsinki) Sep. 19th 2012
The OKFN Panton Fellowships: from data mining to graduate training with Kershaw S.
Willi Hennig Society Meeting XXXI (Riverside, California) Jun. 25th 2012
Partitioned Supertree Support Mounce R., Davis K., Hill J., Hughes M. & Wills M.
The 55th Palaeontology Association Annual Meeting (Plymouth) Dec. 19th 2011
Methods of Determining Cranial and Postcranial Character Congruence [ poster ]
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 71st Annual Meeting (Las Vegas) Nov. 2nd 2011
Phylogenetic Congruence between Cranial and Postcranial Characters in Archosaur Systematics
Willi Hennig Society Meeting XXX (Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil) Aug. 1st 2011
A Review of the Incongruence Length Difference test: Uses and Abuses
The 8th Biennial Systematics Association meeting (Belfast) Jul. 8th 2011
Nullius in Calculo: the Explicitness & Reproducibility of Cladistic Analyses
iEvoBio (Oklahoma) Publishing Re-usable Phylogenetic Trees Jun. 22nd 2011
O’Meara B. (presented by), Whitacre J., Mounce R., Rosauer D. F., Vos R. A. & Stoltzfus A.
Progressive Palaeontology (Leicester) May. 5th 2011
Congruence between cranial & postcranial characters in vertebrate systematics
The 12th Young Systematists’ Forum (London) Dec. 1st 2010
The (continued) growth of phylogenetic information
Willi Hennig Society meeting XXIX (Hawaii) Aug. 1st 2010
The congruence of morphological characters
International Palaeontological Congress 3 (London) Jul. 3rd 2010
How do fossils influence estimates of phylogeny? Wills, M.A. (presented by) & Mounce, R.

Courses &

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods Workshop (Raleigh, SVP) Oct. 2012
Accounting for phylogenetic uncertainty, correlated evolution, phylogenetic retrodiction and rates of
character evolution. Taught by Chris Organ, Chris Venditti and Andrew Meade.

Linking Open Data in Biology using Ontologies (Hinxton, EBI) May 2011
An introduction to RDF, triples, ontologies and literature mining.
Data-intensive Paleobiological Research using PaleoDB (Edinburgh, NeSC) Apr. 2011
Learning statistics, accounting for uncertainty, and methods of querying PaleoDB data.
2nd EDIT Summer School (Muranska Planina National Park, Slovakia) Jul. 2009
Field-based learning about taxonomy. Small mammals, plants and insects.
Operation Wallacea & BioMAP (Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt) Summer 2007
Got PADI Adv. Open Water Diver certification & helped with biodiversity surveys.

Professional Service

Member of Council for the Systematics Association, 2012-2014
Reviewer for: BMC Bioinformatics, Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Professional Memberships

Systematics Association, Willi Hennig Society, Society of Systematic Biologists,
Palaeontology Association, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology


Bash shell scripting, R (inc. ape, phangorn, treebase), Java & HTML (learning with Codecademy), Perl (inc. BioPhylo), , PAUP*, TNT, MrBayes, POY, RAxML, Dendroscope, TreeSnatcher Plus, FigTree, Eclipse IDE, Mesquite, ghosts, PICA and many more...


At the Univeristy of Bath I’ve had the pleasure of giving over 200 hours of teaching, mostly to
undergraduates. I really enjoy communicating science to others; whether it be the command-line interface of R in a computer room, comparative molluscan anatomy in a wet-lab, or out in the field demonstrating inter-tidal ecology. Biology is a highly-integrative science, and therefore should be taught as such in my opinion.

Media Work

Voice of Russia UK radio show discussing Open Access policy and publishing 17 Aug 2012
BBC Radio 3 Night Waves programme with MP David Willetts & Dame Janet Finch 3 Oct 2012


Dr Matthew Wills Dr Ronald Jenner
Senior Lecturer Researcher
University of Bath Natural History Museum, London
Avon, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom / 01225 383504