Citibike Mini-Project


In this report, the commuting habits of adults will be analyzed using trip data from the citibike website. It is hypothesized that young adults are more likely than older adults to choose citibike for commuting. However, using the results of a z-test, we can include that the opposite is actually the case.


The data used for this analysis was obtained online from the Citibike website and consists of all trip data from the month of June 2016. After download and extracting, the data csv was read into a pandas data frame. The subsequent data wrangling included:

  • Convert 'starttime' strings to pandas datetime values;
  • Drop unneeded columns;
  • Drop non-subscriber trip data;
  • Drop trip data missing 'birth year' values;
  • Add column calculating age given a birth year;
  • Drop trip data outside of study age range;
  • Drop trip data collected on weekends;
  • Creat new data from only containing trip data during commuting hours;


The object of this study was to analyze the commuting habits of citibike users between two age groups: young adults aged 25 to 34 and older adults aged 35 to 44. These age groups correspond to those typically used by advertisers for marketing purposes. The hypothesis is that young adults are more likely to choose citibike for commuting compared to older adults. Translating this hypothesis into equations is as follows: