PUI2016 Extra Credit Project Report

This report is about to find an answer to “Why Mental Health Service in NYC is necessary and encouraged?” The approach is via exploring relevant and available information from NYC open data (The data applied in this project all can be downloaded from that web site). The project contains three steps: visualizing all the NYC Mental Health Service Finder Locations by points on a NYC shape file, presented by each borough; analyzing from complaint data to determine what factors people can make complain and are they necessarily related to mental well-being; finally, exploring and showing why mental health service are important in NYC. Through this research, I found ‘noise’ is the top one factor that make people in NYC complain the most, however, it might trigger mental unpleasant and stress, yet it still needs further scientific research to be done to verify this. From 2007-2011, number of death caused by mental health problem were significant, which just following ‘disease of heart’, ‘malignant neoplasms’, and ‘influenza and pneumonia’.