Land cover fractional change and LST

Data and method


  • MODIS land cover data: fractional coverage for 16 IGBP land types at 0.05 degree. Only consider three land types: forests (LC1-5), grass(10), and crop (12)

  • MODIS land surface temperature data (multi-year average), 0.05 degree


\label{fig:method1}Method schematic (1/2)

\label{fig:method2}Method schematic (2/2)

Three Eqs. for FtoG, FtoC, and GtoC:
Equation for FtoG:

\begin{equation} \Delta{LST}=b1*\Delta{fracF}+b2*\Delta{fracG}+b2*\Delta{EVL}\\ \end{equation}

Equation for FtoC:

\begin{equation} \Delta{LST}=b1*\Delta{fracF}+b2*\Delta{fracC}+b2*\Delta{EVL}\\ \end{equation}

Equation for GtoC:

\begin{equation} \Delta{LST}=b1*\Delta{fracG}+b2*\Delta{fracC}+b2*\Delta{EVL}\\ \end{equation}