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Industrial users of ISO 10303 (STEP) protocols needed the ability to exchange design product data that is in conformance with recently updated ISO Geometric Product Specifications (GPS) ISO 1101{#44304}, ISO 5459{#82589}, ISO14405-1{#64293}, ISO 14405-2{#24842}; with ASME Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard ASME Y14.5-2009{#96622}, and with recently updated Digital Product Data Definition Practices Standards ISO 16792{#95187} and ASME Y14.41-2012{#33317}. Updates to those standards were made to support continued migration from drawing-based Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) exchange to full model based exchange, sharing and management across life-cycle viewpoints (i.e., design to fabrication to inspection). The aerospace and automotive industries created a joint project to merge ISO 10303-203{#32050} and ISO 10303-214{#14111} into ISO 10303-242{#25194} rather than pursue individual updates. Relevant STEP information models have been updated and new information models created to support the ASME and ISO standards, resulting in the publication of ISO 10303-242.