Tópicos Especiais em Engenharia de Software 2 - Work Report


This document describes the work done during the Tópicos Especiais em Engenharia de Software 2 course. This course was taught by Dsc Claudia Werner and was hold during the second period of the 2015 PESC-UFRJ academic year. The work was a continuation of the research started during the Reutilização de Software course (also taught by Dsc Claudia Werner during the first period of the 2015 academic year).

The initial research was mainly about Software Processes Composition. It involved, among other tasks, a basic literature review and produced a document that shows some important related articles and describes some problems that we believe that are related to the Development Processes Composition. In contrast with the first research - that involved a more theoretical investigation - the work described in this document had a more practical approach. It consisted, among other things, in the implementation of an API that provides some operators for Processes Composition and Processes Tailoring. These operators manipulate only processes described in BPMN and were firstly introduced by