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¿Los movimientos sociales provocan cambios culturales?: una propuesta de metodología computacional desde el análisis del discurso en los medios de prensa aplicada al movimiento #MeToo    
  • Fabian Ruiz
Fabian Ruiz

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The analysis of discourse in news media about social movements, has been present on different studies regarding social science. Taking in account the objective of social movement is to make cultural changes, and that news media reflects the society, it is in the interest of social investigations to understand how social movements impacts news media. Nevertheless, given the high volume of news produced by the news media everyday, it is complex to make a general analysis about the media. Even though, there have been approaches that analyze the news media trough data science techniques, is hard to replicate, since these studies usually have an qualitative approach. Regarding this, the objective of this paper, is to create a computational protocol, that is complementary with the analysis of social science investigators, that helps to analyze the changes on news media regarding social movements. To do this, we propose computational protocol that is based on entity recognition and topic modeling, to analyze representativity and thematics presented on news media, on different levels, regarding a social movement.To illustrate the replicability of the protocol, we analyze the case of study of the movement #MeToo, and we analyze if there is a change on discourse  in Chilean news media. Finally, we make statistical analysis regarding correlation and distribution, to understand if there is a change on representativity or thematic, provoked by the #MeToo movement.