Response and Solution to Dark Energy

Dark energy could be caused by the electrical polarity of dark matter.
 This work shows the dark energy as a possible characteristic of electrical polarity of dark matter, this feature could produce an electrical repulsion force in the universe, producing a separation between matter, what could be interpreted as an expansion of the universe, but also this dark matter would produce a force of attraction when its polarity is different, which would allow the matter of different polarity to the dark matter to stay together. This theory is based on the assumption that most of the matter in the universe (dark matter) is ionic crystals, which fill and produce the cold in outer space; these ionic crystals have been originated from the natural evolution of the plasma which originated the entire matter in the universe (big bang), toward the state crystalline solid. These forces in the universe known as force repulsive (dark energy) or force of attraction (gravity), it would be as a result of an electrical phenomenon that presents the matter in crystalline state, known as piezoelectricity.