Solution and Response to Dark Matter

The invisible matter of the universe (Dark matter) is that plasmatic matter of the big bang, which evolved to the solid-state Ionic (crystalline).
This article proposes that if all matter originated from a plasma, and most of the matter which originated from this plasma cannot be seen, then according to this work, the plasma had to have evolved, the nature teaches us that any substance changing conditions of temperature or pressure, can evolve between various states of aggregation without that happens a change in its composition.We know that this class of conditions were in the universe while expanded and cooled, so that this plasma will change of state, now as this change is not of composition, and plasma are composed mostly of ions, then this plasma could have evolved to the condition of ionic crystals, which by their known characteristics, cannot be observed with the astronomical instruments today.
The razor of Ockham. Methodological principle:
"On equal terms, the simplest explanation is usually the most likely".