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A repeated measusures study was carried out to explore the impacts of Up Close and Personal (UCP) management, as practiced in the financial sector. The study involved 42 supervisees and 12 supervisors at the Cooperative Bank of Kenya. A pre-test was issued to the respondents before they received UCP management intervention in a laboratory set up. A post-test was undertaken to detect the effects of UCP management . The key findings made were that (a) UCP management benefits are dependent of the gender of management. (b) UCP management has a positive effect on employee commitment and performance. (c) Statistical analysis based on Spearman's rank, confirmed that there is a positive relationship between commitment and performance, such that when one rises so does the other. (d) Supervisees found it uncomfortable when male supervisors perfomed UCP management, an indicator of the stereotypical notion that men are less emotionally intelligent than women. (e) The study showed that women enjoy less confidence from fellow women in regards to their leadership abilities, which needs to be further exploited.
Key words: UCP Management, leadership practice, gender, employee commitment, employee performance