Aplicación de metodologías de sistemas de información para el re-diseño de procesos en una empresa de karting



Processes within companies define their operation, structure and efficiency towards the market, therefore, formalizing the activities performed in a process is the key to detect failures. The company RallyKarting today can be named as an entertainment center for extreme sports in the country, however, there are many organizational problems such as shift conflicts, disorder in the designation of charges, null telephone reception, use of a software that isn’t adapted to the culture of the company, among others. The analysis consists of visiting the company as a client to carry out an external observation of the processes and, in addition, an internal observation through a survey with the local administrator. From both observations we obtain a model of activities made with the BPMN, studied to make a redesign that solves the problems found.


Dentro del sistema económico actual es común encontrar una resiliencia física al documentar las actividades dentro de los diversos procesos de negocio, debido al esfuerzo y desgaste que esto produce, generando temas emergentes que involucran el éxito de estos procesos al querer optimizar el uso de