Marlene Angel Harper

About Angel Harper Ms. Harper is originally from New York City (Harlem). In addition to founding Triple Threat Teaching Society (February 2010), Ms. Harper is a vested member of the AFTRA-SAG unions with 30 years performing experience in television, film, and the theater. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio and Television Production and worked in the sales\marketing division of broadcast Radio, Television and Cable Television. Ms. Harper is a two time award-winning voice-over performer and a stand-up comedian who has appeared on BET “Television Comic View”, “Show Me The Funny” and won an “America’s Funniest People” award. In addition to these credits, she is the Executive Producer of Heaven Sent Productions. As producer and director in her production company, she currently is completing the documentary film, “Keeping The Faith With Morrie”. Ms. Harper hopes to showcase the pioneer cartoonist Morrie Turner’s influential career, humanitarianism, and determination to improve race relations on PBS Television. In 2009 she received her teaching credential and 2010 completed her Masters in Art Education, with both degrees from Antioch University. While working on her teaching credential, Ms. Harper was selected and completed a rigorous teaching artist program at the Los Angeles Music Center, Performing Arts Center. Harpers’ first teaching contract after graduation was at Cultural and Language Academy for Success as the Performing Arts Specialist (Pre-K through 8th grades). Ms. Harper also holds a Clear Credential degree from UCLA (2010) and an Early Education Administration degree (2013). She is currently working for LAUSD School District at Vine Street Elementary as a 5th grade teacher.
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