Frequently Asked Questions


1. Authorea Tutorial: How To Write LaTeX (Intro)

2. Can I publish my paper on Authorea if my paper is submitted, accepted, and published elsewhere?

3. How To Add Bulleted & Numbered Lists

4. How To Add Multiple Author Affiliations

5. How To Add a Coauthor Who is Not on Authorea

6. How To Add a Coauthor or Collaborator

7. How To Add a Quote Block

8. How To Add an Affiliation to My Profile

9. How To Assign a DOI

10. How To Change Document Privacy Settings

11. How To Change Document Title

12. How To Change Editor’s Appearance/Theme

13. How To Cite Multiple Sources

14. How To Cite a Source

15. How To Comment

16. How To Create Complex Data Tables (Advanced)

17. How To Create Data Tables

18. How To Create Your Own Custom Template

19. How To Create a Table of Contents

20. How To Create an Abstract

21. How To Customize Export Citation Styles

22. How To Customize a LaTeX and Bibliography Style File

23. How To Delete Comments

24. How To Disable Numbered Headings

25. How To Edit a Document

26. How To Edit the Bibliography

27. How To Enable Popups After Disabling

28. How To Export a Document

29. How To Fork Document

30. How To Import EndNote

31. How To Import From a Reference Manager

32. How To Import Mendeley

33. How To Import Zotero

34. How To Import an Existing Document

35. How To Insert Code Blocks (Snippets)

36. How To Insert HTML/CSS

37. How To Insert IPython

38. How To Insert Mathematical Equations (With or Without LaTeX)

39. How To Insert a Bokeh Plot

40. How To Insert a Flotchart

41. How To Insert an Image

42. How To Insert an Interactive Figure

43. How To Label Documents (Blog & Archive)

44. How To Label and Reference My Image, Figure, Table, or Equation

45. How To Live Chat With Collaborators

46. How To Manage Author Affiliations

47. How To Manually Insert a Citation

48. How To Publish A Document

49. How To Publish From Your Blog

50. How To Quickly Hide/Show Sections

51. How To Recover Lost Files

52. How To Remove a Collaborator

53. How To Rename a File

54. How To Reoder Content & Image Boxes

55. How To Reorder Authors List

56. How To Replace an Image

57. How To Save Changes

58. How To Share a Document Privately

59. How To Specify a Different LaTeX Style Class

60. How To Stop Email Notifications For Comments

61. How To Upload a File

62. How To Use Authorea Offline

63. How To Use Authorea on Mobile Devices

64. How To Use Journal Templates

65. How To Use the Rich-Text Editor

66. How To View Revision History & Undo Changes

67. How To Write Advanced Citations

68. How To Write LaTeX (For Beginners)

69. How To Write LaTeX (For Power Users)

70. How To Write Mathmatical Equations, Expressions, and Symbols with LaTeX

71. How To Write in Rich Text, LaTeX, or Markdown

72. How do I insert footnotes and endnotes?

73. How do I invite and manage co-authors?

74. How do I reorder or customize my author list?

75. How do I use Authorea?

76. How do I use Authorea’s citation tool to cite a paper?

77. How do I write chemical formulae?

78. How is Authorea better than Word and Google Docs?

79. How is Authorea different from ShareLaTeX and Overleaf?

80. I’ve got more questions about Authorea, where can I get answers?

81. Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

82. Understanding a Dataset:

83. Which LaTeX Packages Can be Implemented?

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