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Deenz Multidimensional Schizoid Personality Scale (DMSPS-28): Measuring Multiple Facets of Schizoid Personality    
  • Deen Mohd Dar
Deen Mohd Dar

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This research paper examines the effectiveness of the Deenz Multidimensional Schizoid Personality Scale (DMSPS-28) in assessing various dimensions of schizoid personality among graduate students. The study involved a sample of 103 participants, comprising 67 males and 36 females. The DMSPS-28, designed to evaluate five key facets of schizoid personality—social detachment, anhedonia, blunted affect, solitude, and friendlessness—was employed as the primary assessment instrument.
Utilizing factor analysis, the study scrutinized the data to determine the reliability and validity of the DMSPS-28. Results indicated discernible gender differences in schizoid traits, with males exhibiting heightened tendencies towards social detachment and solitude, while females displayed elevated levels of anhedonia and blunted affect. The DMSPS-28 demonstrated a robust level of reliability, with a coefficient of 0.91, attesting to its consistency in measuring schizoid personality dimensions.
These findings hold significance for advancing our comprehension of schizoid personality and affirm the utility of the DMSPS-28 as an effective tool for assessment.