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Dynamic modeling of the glucose-insulin system with inhibitors impulsive control
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  • Changtong Li,
  • Yuntao Liu,
  • Yuzhen Wang,
  • Xiaozhou Feng
Changtong Li
Xi'an Technological University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yuntao Liu
Xi'an Technological University
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Yuzhen Wang
Xi'an Technological University
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Xiaozhou Feng
Xi'an Technological University
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Pulse injection of insulin analogues is an important strategy to control blood glucose concentrations and can be combined with α– glucosidase inhibitors to reduce adverse effects to improve glucose control. We propose a novel mathematical models with pulse injection insulin and α– glucosidase inhibitors , eating in the form of pulse blood glucose injection. The existence and uniqueness of the positive periodic solution is confirmed In type 1 diabetes, which is globally asymptotically stable. Further, the permanence of the system is given in type 2 diabetes. The numerical analysis verified the correctness of the theoretical calculation results, and show that the period and the dose of insulin injections and α– glucosidase inhibitors are crucial for insulin therapies. In addition, we systematically evaluated a reasonable strategy to treat diabetes combined with α– glucosidase inhibitors, which can provide more reasonable clinical strategies.
06 Mar 2024Submitted to Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
07 Mar 2024Assigned to Editor
07 Mar 2024Submission Checks Completed
13 Mar 2024Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
16 Mar 2024Reviewer(s) Assigned