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Study on pseudospark switch with high repetition frequency with double-pulse triggering
  • d wj,
  • Jinjun Feng
d wj
Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co Ltd
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Jinjun Feng
National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Vacuum Electronics

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The pseudospark switch works in the left branch of Paschen curve with low gas pressure, which has the advantage of short electrode breakdown time (<10ns), large pulse current (>100kA), and long lifetime, etc. High pulse repetition frequency (PRF) pseudospark switch has important applications in food processing, sewage treatment, high energy laser system, sonar syste, and other fields, the pseudospark switch with a PRF of kHz-level is needed. This paper focuses on the pseudospark switch with double-pulse trigger structure, and the corresponding relationship between the two trigger voltages and current is calculated respectively, and the influence of the two pulses on the trigger process is analyzed. Then the pseudospark switch with this structure is tested with the anode voltage of 10kV for different voltage and gas pressure. The results show that the minimum trigger voltage is only 100V, and the switch can work stably with high repetition frequency.