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Shared principles for area-based biodiversity conservation
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  • Federico Riva,
  • Nick Haddad,
  • Lenore Fahrig,
  • Cristina Banks-Leite
Federico Riva
VU Amsterdam

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nick Haddad
Michigan State University W K Kellogg Biological Station
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Lenore Fahrig
Carleton University
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Cristina Banks-Leite
Imperial College London
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Recent international agreements have strengthened and expanded commitments to protect and restore native habitats. Nevertheless, biodiversity conservation is hindered because how such commitments should be implemented has been strongly debated. By bringing together researchers on both sides of the habitat fragmentation debate, we identify three incontrovertible principles for area-based biodiversity conservation. Such principles are related to habitat geographic coverage, amount, and connectivity. They emerge from our fundamental agreement that, while large areas of nature are important and must be protected, conservation or restoration of multiple small habitat patches is also critical for global conservation, particularly in regions with high land use. We contend that the many area-based conservation initiatives expected in the coming decades should follow the principles we propose. Considering the importance of biodiversity for maintenance of ecosystem services, we suggest that this would bring unequivocal societal benefits.
Submitted to Ecology Letters
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