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RuNP@[COK-12]-NH2 and RuNP@[COK-12]-NH2-imid for production H2 gas from the hydrolysis of NaBH4
  • Hind Alshaikh
Hind Alshaikh
King Abdulaziz University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Ru nanoparticles supported mesoporous silica based [COK-12]-NH2 3 and [COK-12]-NH2-imid 4 were prepared by a condensation method using the [COK-12]-NH2 1 or [COK-12]-NH2-imid 2, respectively. The catalysts 3 and 4 were characterized by various methods, including 3 and 4 by 29Si solid state NMR, XPS, TEM spectroscopy. They were assessed as catalysts in the hydrolytic production of H2 from NaBH4. Their efficiency was measured and the influence of several parameters of NaOH concentration, temperature, catalyst loading and NaBH4 on the reaction were studied to identify the best reaction conditions. Catalyst 4 was found to be more efficacious than 3. The study of kinetics indicated that the catalytic hydrolysis is first order with Ea of 29.0 and 32.1 kJ mol−1 for catalysts 4 and 3, respectively. Finally, the stability of catalyst 4 was also examined: the activity of RuNP catalyst 4 which was 84% in the first run remained at 80% after the fourth run.