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The Development of Innovative Techniques for Determining the Properties of Natural Hydraulic Lime
  • Nevin Karamahmut Mermer
Nevin Karamahmut Mermer
Kalekim Kimyevi Maddeler Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hydraulic mortars, produced by combining air-curing lime with pozzolans and a water-hardening mortar, were widely used in ancient Greece and Rome. Later in the 18th century, as we learned more about hydraulic properties of materials obtained by burning clay-contaminated limestone, there was a shift in the preferred materials used. Hydraulic and pozzolan lime mortars are used in restoration and eco-friendly building. Hydraulic lime's characterization outside of reactions is unknown. A technique to analyze and properly define changes in hydraulic lime mortars made from natural and synthetic materials is a global priority. The volume expansion and water vapor permeability properties of hydraulic lime make it favorable restoration of heritages. The study aims to increase our understanding of hydraulic lime hydration, monitoring the hydrated phase changes, and use the results to verify content by determining the composition. Combining XRD and FTIR, a method has been devised for the characterization of hydraulic lime.