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A new research on the determination of effective natural compounds for atherosclerosis
  • Faik Gökalp
Faik Gökalp

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Atherosclerosis is a serious disease that starts with a local lesion in the vessels and progressesto a heart attack. The recent increase in heart attack disease and the increase i n deaths related to it makes it important to discover drug candidate ligands to be detected against the receptors determined in this disease. In this study, chemical calculation method was used to determine the interaction with Atherosclerosis receptors determined by literature studies and the bonds to be formed at the molecular level and the inhibition mechanism.The foods, spices and active ingredients in various medicinal plants that we consume as daily food supplements were identified as ligands at the end of the research conducted with the literature review, and the inhibition effects on the receptors that suppress the distribution of cholesterol, which is one of the biggest causes of atherosclerosis, to the cells through the blood were determined by comparing the currently used reference drugs. The data obtained from here is important in terms of determining drug candidate active substances in experimental and clinical studies to be conducted on atherosclerosis, preventing time and substance loss and giving direction.