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  • Majani Edward,
  • Syeda Maham Jamal,
  • Alex Madimo,
  • Oloruntaba Ogunfolaji
Majani Edward
University of St Francis Leach College of Nursing

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Syeda Maham Jamal
Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences School of Medicine
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Alex Madimo
University of St Francis Leach College of Nursing
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Oloruntaba Ogunfolaji
Association of Future African Neurosurgeons
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Mounting evidence reveals a captivating connection between oral health and cardiovascular health, prompting a surge in scientific curiosity and potential solutions for reducing global cardiovascular disease burden. This paper delves into this intricate relationship, highlighting the prevalence of oral diseases and their association with various systemic conditions. Studies exploring the potential link between poor oral hygiene, particularly periodontal disease, and cardiovascular illnesses like heart attack, stroke, and heart failure are examined. While the precise causal mechanisms remain under investigation, potential explanations involving chronic inflammation, shared risk factors, and even genetic susceptibilities are discussed. Despite the lack of definitive proof that treating gum disease directly prevents heart problems, the robust correlation necessitates prioritizing good oral hygiene practices. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups are emphasized as preventive measures against periodontal disease and its potential contribution to cardiovascular risks. Addressing shared risk factors like diabetes and smoking further strengthens the protective shield against both oral and heart health concerns.The paper underscores the importance of public health initiatives promoting oral hygiene awareness, particularly among vulnerable populations facing limited access to dental care. Additionally, the crucial role of ongoing research in elucidating the exact mechanisms linking oral and cardiovascular health is highlighted, paving the way for future development of targeted interventions and personalized prevention strategies. In conclusion, while the mysteries surrounding the precise cause-and-effect relationship between oral and cardiovascular health persist, the compelling evidence presented demands a proactive approach. Prioritizing good oral hygiene, addressing shared risk factors, and advocating for accessible dental care stand as powerful tools in our collective fight against these prevalent health challenges.