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The poorly-explored stomatal response to temperature at constant evaporative demand
  • Thomas Buckley,
  • Colleen Mills,
  • Megan Bartlett
Thomas Buckley
University of California Davis Department of Plant Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Colleen Mills
University of California Davis Department of Plant Sciences
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Megan Bartlett
University of California Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology
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Changes in leaf temperature are known to drive stomatal responses, because the leaf-to-air water vapor gradient (Δ w) increases with temperature if ambient vapor pressure is held constant, and stomata respond to changes in Δ w. However, the direct response of stomata to temperature (DRST; the response when Δ w is held constant by adjusting ambient humidity) has been examined far less extensively. Though the meager available data suggest the response is usually positive, results differ widely and defy broad generalization. As a result, little is known about the DRST. This review discusses the current state of knowledge about the DRST, including numerous hypothesized biophysical mechanisms, potential implications of the response for plant adaptation, and possible impacts of the DRST on plant-atmosphere carbon and water exchange in a changing climate.