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A new Senecio (Asteraceae) from the Anjaneri Hills of Nashik, India
  • Akanksha Jeswani,
  • Shrirang Ramchandra Yadav,
  • Manoj Lekhak
Akanksha Jeswani
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Shrirang Ramchandra Yadav
Shivaji University Kolhapur
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Manoj Lekhak

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A new species of Senecio L. (Asteraceae, Senecioneae), Senecio anjanericus is described and illustrated from the Anjaneri Hills of Nashik district, Maharashtra, India based on morphological and cytogenetical studies. The species resembles Senecio bombayensis but differs from it in small size of the ligules, presence of conspicuous foliose supplementary bracts and dense indumentum on stem. The somatic chromosome count was observed to be 2n=2x=20, with all the chromosomes exhibiting median region centromeres. Detailed morphology, illustration and karyotypic features of the new species are provided.
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