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Unusual Manifestations of Takayasu Arteritis: A Diagnostic challenge
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  • Tahseen Al-kinani,
  • Ali Al-yacopy,
  • Ahmed Alhatemi,
  • Hashim Talib Hashim,
  • Rand Abdulhussain ,
  • Ali Talib Hashim
Tahseen Al-kinani
Al Nasiriyah Heart Hospital
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Ali Al-yacopy
Al Nasiriyah Heart Hospital
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Ahmed Alhatemi
Al Nasiriyah Teaching Hospital
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Hashim Talib Hashim
University of Warith Al Anbiyaa
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Rand Abdulhussain
University of Huddersfield Department of Pharmacy
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Ali Talib Hashim
Golestan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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27 Jan 2024Submitted to Clinical Case Reports
05 Feb 2024Assigned to Editor
05 Feb 2024Submission Checks Completed
18 Feb 2024Reviewer(s) Assigned