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Yes, dust storms can possibly be forecasted now!!
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  • Manoj K Srivastava,
  • Nabankur M.,
  • Bharat Ji Mehrotra,
  • Atul K Srivastava
Manoj K Srivastava
Department of Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

Author Profile
Nabankur M.
Department of Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University
Bharat Ji Mehrotra
Department of Geophysics, Banaras Hindu University
Atul K Srivastava
Ministry of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology


A unique approach of a well-established Hot-Dry-Windy Index (HDWI) method is established to build the forecasting framework of dust storms. This method is successfully used for forecasting wildfire incidences. The approach calculates the likelihood of a dust storm by postulating that it arises from a synergistic interplay of elevated temperatures, arid atmospheric conditions, and powerful winds, similar to the conditions that are necessary for a wildfire occurrence. The approach has been effectively evaluated for eight distinct dust storm events that took place in important desert places around the world. The results regularly shown its capacity to precisely determine the source of dust storms within a limited time frame. The proposed strategy provides a multitude of advantages compared to other alternatives currently suggested for the same objective.