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Numerical Integration
  • Abayneh Kebede Fantaye
Abayneh Kebede Fantaye
Department of Mathematics, Debre Tabor University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The function y=f(x)  is represented as an interpolated function and then integrated between the provided limits to solve numerical integration. It can be used to discover the anti-derivative of an integrand that cannot be expressed in simple form, as well as to provide an estimated solution for a definite integral that cannot be solved analytically. When the function y=f(x) is not known directly, the numerical value of the definite integral ∫a ^b f(x)dx is solved in this study. Finally, we'll look at the quadrature formula, which includes the Trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rules, Weddle rule, Boole rule, and Romberg's integration.