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Treatment Satisfaction and effects: A Pilot Feasibility Study of Schema Therapy in Adult Outpatients with Personality Disorders within a Day Treatment Program
  • Jenny Broersen,
  • Michiel van Vreeswijk
Jenny Broersen
G-Kracht Psychomedisch Centrum BV Locatie Amsterdam
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Michiel van Vreeswijk
G-Kracht Psychomedisch Centrum BV

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Objective: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness and patient satisfaction of Group Schema Therapy-Day Treatment (GST-d) in treating individuals with cluster B/C personality disorders. Method: The study utilized a naturalistic design with 39 patients undergoing 34 weeks of combined group and individual schema therapy. This included weekly full-day GST-d sessions, 15 individual sessions, and two group follow-ups. Results: Significant reductions were observed in psychological symptoms, personality issues, and dysfunctional schemas, with effect sizes (Cohen d’s) ranging from .77 to .87. Healthy modes showed a smaller effect size of .24. The dropout rate was 17.9%, but overall patient satisfaction remained high. Conclusions: The findings suggest the potential effectiveness of GST-d in treating personality disorders. Despite some limitations, the study recommends further research with a larger sample and randomized control trials to better understand the relationship between patient satisfaction and treatment outcome, as well as cost-effectiveness.
29 Jan 2024Submitted to Journal of Clinical Psychology
30 Jan 2024Assigned to Editor
30 Jan 2024Submission Checks Completed
16 Feb 2024Review(s) Completed, Editorial Evaluation Pending
17 Feb 2024Reviewer(s) Assigned