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Early detection of psychosis and eating disorders. Exploratory research of combined risk profiles
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  • Paul A.J.M. de Bont,
  • Birgit L. Seelen-de Lang,
  • Joyce Maas,
  • Nynke M.G. Bodde
Paul A.J.M. de Bont
GGZ Oost Brabant

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Birgit L. Seelen-de Lang
GGZ Oost Brabant
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Joyce Maas
GGZ Oost Brabant
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Nynke M.G. Bodde
GGZ Oost Brabant
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Intro: psychotic disorders (PD) and eating disorders (ED) both are highly invalidating, costly and associated with premature death. Researchers call for early detection and intervention. Little is known about co-occurrence and associations between the at risk mental state for psychosis (ARMS) and ED. Objectives: to explore the prevalence of and associations between ARMS and ED-risk. To gain a first explorative insight into the similarities and differences of ARMS profiles in individuals with and without an ED risk score (EDr versus EDnr). Method: a cross sectional observational prevalence study (N=736) in secondary mental health care with a qualitative examination of ARMS profiles (N=47), using an ED screener (SCOFF), psychosis prodromal screener (PQ16) and CAARMS interview (detection of ARMS). We analyzed prevalences, associations (using Fisher’s exact test), and conditional probabilities of frequencies for CAARMS and SCOFF outcomes. We explored differences in ARMS profiles between EDr and EDnr by inspection of CAARMS reports. Results: ARMS and EDr are common across all psychiatric conditions. ED appear to remain largely undetected. Findings demonstrated no significant or conditional association of frequencies between CAARMS and EDr/nr outcome. ARMS items ‘guilt/punishment’ and ‘ideas of reference’ stood out in the EDr group. Conclusions: Be aware of ARMS and psychosis in ED. Pay more attention to possible ED. ARMS and psychosis are equally prevalent in EDr and EDnr, and vice versa. Researchers are encouraged to conduct studies on severity associations and profiles of psychosis spectrum symptoms in the various manifestations of ED.
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