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Development of a Sustainable Multi-Objective Approach to Poultry Management System with IoT-Based Environmental Monitoring
  • Aderonke O. Akinwumi,
  • Moses O. Onibonoje,
  • Adeyinka S. Yusuff
Aderonke O. Akinwumi
Universitat d'Alacant

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Moses O. Onibonoje
Afe Babalola University
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Adeyinka S. Yusuff
Afe Babalola University
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Poultry farming has greatly contributed to the global economy and food security by providing highly demanded products that offer unique nutrients to various demographics. With an ever-increasing population, the demand for poultry products will continue to rise. Therefore, an automated approach is necessary to ensure uninterrupted and increased production of these yields. This paper proposes a collaborative approach that integrates internet of things (IoT) and wireless sensor technologies to remotely monitor and control environmental parameters within the poultry farm. The system employs autonomous devices, wireless sensors, and internet-enabled smartphones to measure and benchmark parameters such as humidity, temperature, food availability, water level, illumination level, and presence of ammonia waste against required thresholds. The central mote and cloud receive the results and initiate control actions on the monitored factors. The system provides real-time monitoring and control, and the parameters and corresponding actions can be recorded and viewed over the central hub and web. The evaluation results indicate an accuracy of 93.7% and a delay time of 2s in real-time. The developed model system is robust and intuitive, providing a management solution for poultry farming. Results further shows that the quality of eggs produced were not affected by varying environmental conditions as a result of the real-time monitoring and control system.