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Introducing the Deenz Agitated Depression Scale (DADS-22): A  Brief Measure of Agitated Depression Traits
  • Deen Mohd Dar
Deen Mohd Dar

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Deenz Agitated Depression Scale (DADS) is a 22-item assessment developed to measure tendencies towards agitated depression symptoms among college students. This study conducted among a non-clinical population of 43 college students, comprising 10 from commerce, 13 from medical, and 20 from arts streams, aimed to evaluate the psychometric properties and validity of the scale. Results indicated a strong coefficient of 0.87, signifying internal consistency, while test-retest reliability affirmed its stability over time. Content validity analysis demonstrated the scale's efficacy in measuring inclinations towards agitated depression symptoms, alongside capturing depressive symptoms. The DADS serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing mental health concerns among college students, providing valuable insights for intervention and support services.