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Securing the Future: Innovations in Privacy-Preserving Integrated Sensing for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Ali Ranjha
Ali Ranjha

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Theme: In the rapidly evolving landscape of intelligent mobile devices and the impending 6G networks, the Integrated Sensing Digital Framework (ISDF) emerges as a transformative force within the Internet of Things (IoT), offering unprecedented opportunities for real-time data collection. Comprising the Data Requester (DR), Sensing-Computing Provider (SCP), and Framework Executor (FE), ISDF revolutionizes data gathering by harnessing device intelligence and eliminating the need for specialized sensors, providing a rich source of realtime, diverse data at the convergence of physical and digital realms. However, the integration of ISDF presents challenges, particularly in privacy and reliability. Privacy threats such as data content, task content, and location and identity risks must be addressed for the framework's success. Additionally, the strain on network capacity due to ISDF's reliance on intelligent mobile devices requires careful management for effective support of Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC). This proposal focuses on innovative solutions that integrate principles from Integrated Sensing, Computing, and Communications (ISCC) and Zero Touch Network and Service Management (ZSM) to establish a secure and dependable ISDF framework, meeting the evolving needs of 6G systems.