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Application of nanotechnology in different aspects of the food industry
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  • Zahra H. Mohammad,
  • Faizan Ahmad,
  • Salam Ibrahim,
  • Sadaf Zaidi
Zahra H. Mohammad
University of Houston
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Faizan Ahmad
Aligarh Muslim University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
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Salam Ibrahim
North Carolina A&T State University
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Sadaf Zaidi
Aligarh Muslim University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Nanotechnology is a novel and promising technology that has been introduced into many fields, including medicine, agriculture, and the food industry. For the food industry, nanotechnology is of great interest as an emerging technology in the area of food processing, safety, and packaging. For example, nanotechnology can be used in food processing to enhance the overall quality of food including, taste, flavor, bioavailability, and can also help to extend product shelf life. With regard to food safety, nanotechnology is utilized to detect pathogens and toxins in food products and to strengthen barrier properties. Additionally, nanotechnology is widely used in food packaging as an antimicrobial and to produce intelligent packaging. However, nanoparticles may have a potential toxicity risk to human health. Therefore, establishing an adequate regulatory system to manage the potential risks associated with nanotechnology applications is recommended. This review covered nanotechnology in food safety and packaging, classifications, and safety concerns.