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Theory of Global Climate Control
  • Md. Faruque Hossain
Md. Faruque Hossain
New York University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A model has been proposed to design a sustainable climate for the planet Earth by the activation of the hidden power of dark energy (D_e), and antimatter (A_m) of the Earth. Here, the activation of dark energy (D_e) of the Earth considering its quantum electrodynamics (QED) function is being analyzed to break the atmospheric CO2 naturally. Subsequently, the activation of antimatter (A_m) considering nano-point defect of the electromagnetic field of Earth has been analyzed to transform activated antimatter (A_m) into cool-state energy, here denoted as, Hossain Cool-Energy (HcE¯) to cool the Earth naturally. Subsequently, this HcE¯ energy is also being further remodeled to convert it into the thermo-state energy, named as the Hossain Thermal-Energy (HtE¯) by the implementation of Higgs-Bosons (H → γγ¯) electro-magnetic fields to heat the Earth, respectively. The activation of dark energy (D_e) suggested that it has the excellent hypercharge striking electron force to break the CO2 naturally to convert it into C and O2. Subsequently, the generation of HcE¯ from the (A_m) and then transform it into HtE¯ is being tested by a series of computational modeling which reveals that the activation of the (A_m) and its transformation into HcE¯ and HtE¯ are very much doable in anywhere on this planet that certainly can cool and heat the Earth naturally to secure a sustainable climate condition for the Earth.