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Payments for Environmental Services and Forest Conservation Potential in Ethiopia
  • Bawoke Temesgen
Bawoke Temesgen
Bahir Dar University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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PES schemes have entertained much interest as a potentially effective market-based instrument for the provision of ecosystem services. After swift adoption, many have started to question the promises of PES and PES-like schemes in ecosystem service provision. Hence, there has been growing attention to evaluating the impact of PES schemes. This paper attempts to review the practice of PES scheme evaluation with particular emphasis on forest conservation in Ethiopia. To this end, I have reviewed articles assessing the potential impacts of coffee certification and participatory forest management (PFM). The review shows that despite the rush to implement PES programs in Ethiopia, specific PES regulations and vibrant property rights prerequisites are missing. While I admit the perverse implications of uncritical adoption of PES, it could be a potentially vital tool for forest conservation in Ethiopia, especially when integrated with other environmental governance instruments.