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The long-coherent-time and potentially scalable qubits composed of electric dipolar molecules based on graphene
  • Yongyi Huang
Yongyi Huang
Xi'an Jiaotong University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We propose a new kind of qubits composed of electric dipolar molecules. The electric dipolar molecules in an external uniform electric field will take simple harmonic oscillations, whose quantum states belonging to the two lowest energy levels act as the states |0>,|1> of a qubit. The qubits’ excited states have a very long mean life time more than 70ms.We can perform quantum computations by manipulating the qubits of electric dipolar molecules just like those of neutral atoms. When the qubits are used for quantum computations, the dipolar moments’ orientations will harmonically oscillate along an external electric field and they will not change the directions: along or against the electric field, so the qubits can be large-scalely manufactured in graphene system.