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Generalized Chemical Block Systems on Chern-Simons φ∘ D∘ r2∘ S∘ r1 Topologies for the generation of the Roccustyrna Holomorphic Ligand.
  • Ioannis Grigoriadis
Ioannis Grigoriadis
Biogenea Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS - CoV - 2) in the viral spike (S) encoding a SARS - COV - 2 SPIKE D614G mutation protein predominate over time in locales revealing the dynamic aspects of its key viral processes where it is found, implying that this change enhances viral transmission. In this paper, we strongly combine topology geometric methods for generalized formalisms of k - nearest neighbors as a Tipping–Ogilvie and Machine Learning application within the quantum computing context targeting the atomistic level of the protein apparatus of the SARS - COV - 2 viral characteristics. In this effort, we propose computer - aided rational drug design strategies efficient in computing docking usage, and powerful enough to achieve very high accuracy levels for this in - silico effort for the generation of AI - Quantum designed molecules of GisitorviffirnaTM, Roccustyrna_gs1_TM, and Roccustyrna_fr1_TM ligands targeting the COVID - 19 - SARS - COV - 2 SPIKE D614G mutation by unifying Eigenvalue Statements into Shannon entropy quantities as composed on Tipping–Ogilvie driven Machine Learning potentials for nonzero Christoffel symbols for Schwarzschild (DFT) ℓneuron (ι) : == == φ∘D∘r2∘S∘r102 (1+∑) == == (A∧A’ (p)) • ⋱⋯⊗⋱⋯ •e− ρ (rr) −−¯σ − ¯σσ¯ǫ −i_+02 (1− ) 2} () ) improver for Chern - Simons Topology Euclidean Geometrics. I also arrived at a new Zmatter derived finite ‐ dimensional state integral with a symplectic ω == == (i~)−1 (dx/x) ∧ (dy/y) model for computing the analytically continued “holomorphic blocks” on an appropriate quantum Hilbert space H that compose physical Chern ‐ Simons partition function to put pharmacophoric elements back together.