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Analytical and verification experimental for longitudinal control of cable-stayed beam
  • Chunlin Zhang
Chunlin Zhang
Central South University of Forestry and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The paper investigated the non-collocated control strategy for the reduction of cable oscillations by the analytical studies and the experimental implementation. We researched the control with introduced points. We used the continuous model of cable-stayed beam to show the main features of the non-collocated lon- gitudinal active control strategy. Then, the suitable non-linear state-feedback controllers are introduced to represent the modal. The results show that they can capture the main previous control features and derive an implementable strategy. We used an actively controlled cable-stayed beam to present the control effectiveness of the proposed strategy, based on the large campaign of experiments, which conducted in various frequency ranges and amplitude levels including meaningful external resonance conditions. The responses predicted by the analytical model and the experimental results show good qualitative agreement with one another, in both the uncontrolled and controlled experienced cable-stayed beam dynamics.