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Encapsulating IM7-displaying yeast cells in calcium alginate beads for one-step protein purification and multienzyme biocatalysis
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  • Wenhao Yin,
  • Xinping Wang,
  • Lixia Chen,
  • Lixin Ma ,
  • Jie Qiao,
  • Yi Liu
Wenhao Yin
Hubei University
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Xinping Wang
Hebei University
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Lixia Chen
Hebei University
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Jie Qiao
Zhengzhou University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Yi Liu
Hebei University
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Though there are several commercial chromatographic systems for protein purification, development of cost-effective 3H-grade (high activity, high purity, and high activity) purification approaches is highly demanded. Here, we establish a methodology for encapsulating the IM7-displaying yeast cells in calcium alginate beads. Taking advantage of the biomaterial-based affinity chromatography, cost-effective purification of proteins with over 90% purity in a single-step is achieved. Moreover, our system is applied to coat multienzyme complex, leading to reusable biomaterials for high-efficient biocatalysis. Taken together, the present method has great application potential not only in the laboratory but also in industry for production of protein products.