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Wide-genome selective analysis of Boer goat to investigate the dynamic heredity evolution under different domestic stages
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  • Ying Yuan,
  • Cheng-Li Liu,
  • Wei-Yi Zhang,
  • hao-yuan zhang,
  • Lu Xu,
  • Bai-Gao Yang,
  • Yong-Fu Huang,
  • Hang-Xing Ren,
  • Gao-Fu Wang ,
  • guangxin e
Cheng-Li Liu
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Wei-Yi Zhang
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hao-yuan zhang
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Bai-Gao Yang
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Yong-Fu Huang
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Hang-Xing Ren
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Gao-Fu Wang
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guangxin e

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Boer goats, as kemp in meat-type goats, are selected and bred from African indigenous goats under a long period of artificial selection. Their advantages in multiple economic traits, particularly their plump growth, have attracted worldwide attention. Here, we displayed the wide-genome selective sweep of South Africa indigenous goat (AF), African Boer (BH), and Australian Boer (AS) to investigate the hereditary basis of artificial selection in different domesticated stages. A total of 18321865 SNPs and 9784 autosomal CNVs were identified, 573 candidate genes are screened by top 5% of both parameters (πrate and FST) for BH vs AF; 502 candidate genes were obtained from AS vs BH based on SNP data. Regarding CNV data, 24 candidate genes were annotated from top 1% CNVs (FST≥0.511719) based on BH vs AF, and 23 were annotated from top 1% (FST≥0.609523) CNVs in AS vs BH. A mount of identified candidate genes was related to reproduction, metabolism, growth, and development according to GO and KEGG annotation. Furthermore, these candidate genes related to the metabolism of fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins confirmed that raising level led to the rapid co-evolution of the metabolism and environment of Boer goats. Specifically, we found a series of non-synonymous mutations from the coding region of NF1 have significant allele frequency different between populations that was related to muscle development. This study provided valuable genomic resources for exploring the evolutionary history of Boer goats and genetic improvement of goats. It also helped us elucidate the genetic basis behind artificial selection in domestic animals.