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Microwave-assisted desulfurization of coal tar pitch
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  • WanXing Sun,
  • ShaoQing Guo,
  • Yang Liu,
  • ZhengXuan Sun,
  • WeiJie Cheng
WanXing Sun
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ShaoQing Guo

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ZhengXuan Sun
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WeiJie Cheng
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Microwave-assisted catalytic oxidation for desulfurization of coal tar pitch (CTP) was carried out with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant and FeCl3 as catalysts under acidic conditions of formic acid. The effects of different conditions on the desulfurization effect of the CTP were studied. The results showed that the method was an effective way to remove the sulfur in the CTP. The optimal condition of desulfurization in the CTP was obtained and the desulfurization rate of the CTP could reach 50.7%. The mechanism of FeCl3 catalyzed oxidative method was that the Fenton-like phenomenon occurred in the reaction system, which produced strong hydroxyl radicals. The free radicals can react with sulfur in the CTP, promoting the sulfur removal of the CTP. The results of XPS analysis showed that the sulfur in the CTP mainly existed in the form of thiophene sulfur and sulfoxide sulfur, which can be removed significantly with the method.